Tim Edensor - British Industrial Ruins

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Inside ruins fragments fall out of their contexts to recombine like elements in dreams, a random re-ordering which is decided according to where things land, and how they tumble down from their assigned places to mingle. Masonry crumbles, ceilings fall down and wild arrangements of heterogeneous materials form. Mixtures of grease, plaster, reams of archaic paperwork create accidental sculptural forms out of twisted detritus. Detached from their use, class and category, objects stand in odd assemblages or become isolated. Things thus stand in curious relationship with each other and we cannot be sure how they are related. By tilting at peculiar angles, by squashing into different places and frames, things come to possess an indefinable emotional charge. They violate the usual perspectives of verticality and horizontality, the conventions of perspective and placing.

These are not calculated artistic attempts to produce a response in the viewer but are the fortuitous accidents of unexplainable processes and chance events. Because they are not deliberately devised, they are all the more startling, taking on magical qualities, and they open up possibilities for imaginative circumspection and fantasy. I have no idea about how many of the arrangements here came to be and hope that viewers will construct their own stories.

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