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Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces Poster

Creative Spaces was held on Thursday 24th July in the John Dalton Gardens as a way of getting people from across the University to connect, communicate and hopefully collaborate on future projects.

The event was well attended, with over 40 members of staff turning up to enjoy the festivities and the beautiful July sunshine. Upon arrival each of the participants was asked to fill in a short tag, in order to give an indication of what they want from and what they have to offer to any future collaborative projects. They were also asked to pin their tags onto the animal that they most associated with – the possible choices were: lion, sloth, owl, and snake – for no other reason than it being a bit of fun. The lion was the most popular choice, with the sloth receiving the fewest associations; pop psychologists read into that what you will…

There were a number of activities spread out across the John Dalton Gardens and the glass corridor (that doubled up as a greenhouse in the somewhat sweltering conditions) for the participants to engage with, including, mind-controlled Scalextric, create your own superhero, flash poetry, and mathematical bubbles. It was great to see so many of the partakers really getting engaged with the activities, and hopefully this sparked some creative ideas for future public engagement events both within the University and beyond.

Lunch was provided by the wonderful MetMunch (@MetMUnch), with the beautifully prepared wraps and summer fruit all inspired by the produce that is grown in the John Dalton Gardens; the garnish even came directly from the garden itself, picked by the fair hand of Haleh Moravej (senior lecturer in Human Nutrition, Vivienne Westwood aficionado, and the creative conduit behind MetMunch). It was obviously enjoyed by all, as by the end of the feeding frenzy there was not even a solitary strawberry left on show.


The 'poe-tree', where attendees fabulous short verses were displayed

During the event, staff from the School of Research, Enterprise and Innovation used the I have/I want tags to match up people into potentially productive couplings. These pairings were then displayed for everyone to see, and everybody was left with the task of making a note of their respective partner and emailing them to discuss common grounds and conceivable collaborations. It was very encouraging to see that by the end of the event many people had already found their respective partners and were starting to make connections.

Thanks to the fantastic weather, the fabulous food, and the fascinating people it is safe to say that the inaugural Creative Spaces event was a success, and it will be great to see the outcomes of some of the partnerships that it has helped to create.

Post by Sam Illingworth


July 30th, 2014 - 15:28pm