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Hulme SciBar


In September 2014, the MMU Students Union, MMU Engage and the British Science Association launched the latest offering in the very popular SciBar franchise; SciBar Hulme @ The Salutation. SciBar Hulme see’s scientists from all walks of science visit a local pub to tell the patrons all about the (fascinating) things they do.

Taking place on the last Monday of every month, the November SciBar Hulme event marked the third in the new run of pub-based science. Following two very interesting topics in September (Chemists, Druggists and Beer Doctors by Dr James Sumner) and October (The History of Graphene by Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan – Part of the MMU Manchester Science Festival Programme), and with me as ‘compare’, the hypothetical torch was passed to Dr Megan Argo, presenting her Tour of the Universe.

Dr Megan Argo amazing the audience with tales of colliding galaxies

Megan brought her enthusiasm and love of all things space in an hour-long slide show of stunning images to help us explore the universe, and more interestingly, what would happen if two galaxies were to collide… Interspersed with examples of her own research, Megan was able to capture the imagination of the 30-strong crowd.  Upon finishing, Megan was keen to answer the many questions from the audience, sharing yet more facts and info from her day-to-day job as a researcher working with Jodrell Bank (many of which were from me!).

The Tour of the Universe was a great way to see out SciBar Hulme’s first three months, and with a strong line-up in the pipeline, SciBar Hulme will be back on January 23rd 2015 for more scientific exploration in a pub. See you there!

For more info on the line-up check back to MMU Engage in January and keep watch at @MMUEngage.

Guest post by James Redfern

December 4th, 2014 - 14:54pm