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HE STEM Programme North West

HE STEM Programme North West is part of the National HE STEM Programme which is a £21million, three-year initiative funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils for England and Wales.The programme supports Higher Education Institutions and encourages the exploration of new approaches to recruiting students and delivering programmes of study within the STEM disciplines

Manchester Metropolitan University is the partner for delivery of this programme in this region, one of 6 regional ‘spokes’, the others being universities of Bath, Bradford, Southampton, Swansea and lead by the University of Birmingham acting as the programme ‘hub’. The delivery model is designed to foster a collaborative approach, and to ensure that activities build upon, and do not duplicate, already existing initiatives and activities from strong and diverse delivery base.

It aims to enable the transfer of good practice across the HE STEM sector, facilitate its wider adoption, and encourage innovation. The programme is not seeking to undertake short term interventions, but is focusing on sustainable activities with the potential to achieve long term impact within the HE sector.

The programme will take forward activities in the following related strands:

  • Activities to widen participation within the STEM disciplines at university level by working with those within the school and FE sectors
  • Higher Education curriculum developments focusing upon course delivery and design, student support, and knowledge and skills
  • Activities to encourage those currently within the workforce and society without a prior university level qualification to engage with further study to develop enhanced knowledge and skills

Call for Expressions of Interest

Call for Expressions of Interest to Adopt Proven Disciplinary Interventions and Approaches

The National HE STEM Programme is pleased to present an opportunity for Higher Education Institutions to add value to their current range of activities by offering funding to support the implementation of ready to use resources.

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